R.K. Price, Author of Fine Historical Novels

An American Life, Two American Wars

From the Author...

...While in the process of re-releasing I've Already Met the Devil I gave some thought to changing the title.  After serious reflection I believe the title should remain the same since it truly represents the essence of this work.  My thinking was prompted by the wonderful artwork Jennifer Welker has done with the cover.  She truly captured the guts of my theme and reinforced why Devil should remain Devil.

...I originally wrote Devil as a tribute to a number of interesting people in my life and to produce something about which my children and grandchildren might be proud when I am long gone.  There are plenty of devils in Devil but also plenty of angels; only the angels occasionally abandon their posts.

...Devil remains appealing to WWII enthusiasts, Mafia effectionadios and those who thrive on Colorado and Western States History.

...Devil sticks to its patriotic America good-over-evil core and doesn't shy away from torrid romances, cops and robbers, and some good old Italian tradition.

...In Devil readers will gain great insight into a little known fact of Southern Colorado being a bastion of mafia power controlling much of the US through the early 1970's.  Yes, there's sex and violence, yet we come back to the central theme of families sticking together to overcome life's many perils.

...I am a great fan of E.L. Doctrow.  I love the many ways he mixes fact and fiction, real life and imaginary figures involved in many true historical events.  Devil takes you on that same journey with a fast paced storyline told by characters dripping with passion.

Carlo awaits his brother's return from the battlefields of Europe, but his joy is muted knowing they will confront a new enemy at home...an enemy equally dangerous and deadly. Far from the centers of Mafia domination in the East, La Cosa Nostra has long held their home region in its devastating grip. From this little-known outpost at the foot of the idyllic Rocky Mountains the Black Hand has ruled half the country for decades. Once a part of this criminal empire Carlo has shed his cloak of corruption, and for, now seeks a life of decency and peace. The gangsters and murders in his midst have emerged from a war-induced hibernation to rise up more powerful than ever. His brother Johnny sits at the Southern Colorado railroad station, a duffel bag full of medals longing to forget the misery and death of his heroic paratrooper service. Carlo watches him from afar. He ponders their uncertain future. A target is on their backs. They are prime recruits for the forces of evil. The devil is anxious. The angels are sleeping. That forbidden world is easy to join; much harder to resist. Carlo knows. He was once there.

Now, which way do they turn?

- From the novel

On 2/2/12, R.K. Price launched
I've Already Met the Devil -- An American Life, Two American Wars Vol 2 published by
Quiet Owl Publishing distributed by CreateSpace on Amazon.

The new cover is designed by Jennifer Welker.

Graphically, it truly capture's the books theme.

Wars Fought. Peace Won.

But always at a steep price.

                            Cover Design by Jennifer Welker


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