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...Written on the eve of the 50th Anniversary of JFK's death Thunderbird is aimed at modern American history buffs whom remain drawn to the tragedy of Kennedy's Assassination.  Thunderbird tells a compelling story based on fact about a man who claimed to have helped Lee Harvey Oswald carry out his deadly assignment.  The FBI didn't believe him.  Neither did the Secret Service.  But I do after hearing my uncle tell his story.

...Thunderbird is a book of fiction.  You might decide otherwise.

...The book introduces a new conspiracy theory about the most notorious crime in the 20th Century.  The reader goes on a wild ride from killing fields in Hungary, to the Nebraska plains; from New Orleans' French Quarter, to Denver, Mexico, and finally Dallas on that fateful day.  An array of memorable characters, some very real; others, you decide, invade the pages with fierce cruelty; contrasting those with humor, wisdom and compassion.  All inject elements of mystery and intrigue surrounding this tragic event never before experienced.  A sprinkling of loves won and lost rounds out my contribution to this unbroken chain of literature on a story that will never fade from memory.

...I am saddened to recognize the upcoming 50th Anniversary of The Kennedy Assassination.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  My hope is Thunderbird becomes a worthy compliment to the library of works on the subject alongside Stephen King's 11/22/63: The Novel.

...If you're a fan of E.L. Doctrow you'll enjoy Thunderbird's similar approach of mixing fact and fiction with true-to-life and imaginary figures making history in many familiar and many new settings.

W.H "Bud" Carlson was a fine man; handsome, clever and enormously funny.  He was always the life of the party.  A happy-go-lucky kind of guy.  Sensitive and caring.  But unknown  to most Bud carried a heavy burden.  A painful episode that may have contributed to his early, untimely death from a heart attack at age forty-seven.  Yet there was joy in Bud's life.  His daughters  His ranch outside of Denver which became a refuge from his fears and sorrows.  Bud was a romantic.  Tales of the Old West were his favorites.  Yet when it came to the hard knocks of like he was a rigid pragmatist.  There was no flim-flam with Bud Carlson.  He hated liars.  Regardless of how painful it was the truth was paramount to him.

That's why when he shed the burden he carried for many years and told me the fascinating story of Robert Kaye, a Hungarian immigrant who claimed he knew, and allegedly collaborated with the Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, I had no reason to doubt even a word.  Bud befriended this mysterious enigma of a man and in doing so became entangled in the most notorious crime of the 20th century.  Bud's account of Kaye, who portrayed himself as a freedom fighter wounded in the great Hungarian uprising against
the Soviets in 1956, was revealed to me on a cold wintry Colorado day about three weeks before Bud's ravaged heart gave out on him.  Yet I did nothing about it.  I stashed the story away in a reporter's notebook letting it lay dormant in a folder for nearly
forty years.  Bud knew he was dying when he finally spoke to me.  He had kept his secret locked up inside all that time.  Bud was an avid admirer of President Kennedy.  Bud was a patriot too.  He desperately wanted to believe his government's hurried conclusion that Oswald had no accomplice.  For a long time I had the same conviction.  But no more.  Bud's harrowing experience at the hands of U.S. law enforcement brought on by this phantom with a crippled leg created profound doubt in his mind, and it haunted him to his death.  He chose me to be the one to hear it all.  I was honored to have been selected yet I carry Bud's heavy burden.  I regret to have waited so long to retell it.  In his weakened state, it took Bud an entire day to tell me all he knew.  It was one of his final days.  In the end he was exhausted, yet free, and he said, "Do with this what you will."  Okay, Bud, I will do my best.  Here it is much more fact than fiction.

- Preface

On 6/29/12, R.K. Price launched
The Thunderbird Conspiracy -- Oswald's Friend Robert Kaye published by Quiet Owl Publishing distributed by CreateSpace on Amazon.

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